Most of the medical professionals understand that Artificial Intelligence is going to revolutionize the healthcare system. In recent years, the Institute "Jožef Stefan" was developing solutions and researching algorithms for identifying types and measuring levels of stress, detecting heart problems as well as several solutions tested for elders. There are various modules that are already available free of charge – some of them were developed or are still in development at our Department. The electronic health system has numerous components: First Aid assistant, information from the National Institute of Public Health, Self Care advice suggester, modules that work in collaboration with EkoSMART subprojects like "e-Health and Mobile Health", the Repository of Domains and Prototypes, Stress detectors and system for the care of elderly.
Here are the projects involved:

  1. IN LIFE: aims to prolong and support the independent living of seniors with cognitive impairment, through interoperable, open, personalized and seamless ICT solutions that support everyday tasks such as home activities, communication, health maintenance, travel, mobility and socialization tasks.
  2. E-gibalec: Smartphone game for children that will encourage them to do exercises, which are empowered with statistics for supervisors.
  3. ASPO: An online application for identifying and informing about sexually transmitted infections.
  4. Stress detector: Students project for identifying stress type and level via text web interface.
  5. EkoSmart, EMZ: One of the important features of the program is the integration of the solutions in different areas into a common ecosystem. Too often the practice of introduction of smart cities shows limited focus on certain areas and lacks connection with others. Therefore, one of the important objectives of the EkoSmart program is the platform development with the same name (EkoSmart platform) which will allow easy integration of sector-specified solutions into a common ecosystem (featured in the program, as well as others) and will facilitate the identification and support of inter-sectoral value chains. This platform will be compatible with global solutions and will include concepts, such as the Internet of Things (IoT). Within EMZ (e-Health and Mobile Health) we collect domain repositories and prototypes, so you can see who stores what data and what prototypes in Slovenia. Here we are developing an EMZ assistant.