Municipality TV

With this service, every municipality can through YouTube establish its own online television. Local events, such as children’s performance in the kindergarten, sports event or meetings of the municipality’s council, can been taken with a computer camera or mobile phone and can be broadcasted through the municipality TV. Videos can be streamed via all online devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones) and newest televisions.
Municipality televisions were developed within international projects of the Department of Intelligent Systems (E9) at the Slovenian Institute Jožef Stefan (IJS) and within the TV IJS project. It is a functional and similar service as TV IJS which already functions for two years without any major problems, but it is somewhat different in mechanical and programming manner.

The municipality TV should function in two modes:
• Streaming of the .ppt file which represents municipality and it is used when there’s no live stream available;
• Live stream of events.

Besides that, it is recommended that municipalities and associations agree on, who will take care of the municipality TV. One of the options is that the municipal administration manages the TV while for the technical activity, it collaborates with association. The association adds their own content on free days.
It is reasonable to add weekly or some other kind of schedules to the streaming of the .ppt file. This way the citizens can see when live stream or any other important municipal event is scheduled.
User’s manual for setting and maintaining are available in the section “IJS občinske TV” (IJS municipality TV).
Before use go to your municipal assistant, click to the upper left section “Aplikacije” (Applications) and then the “Občinska TV” (Municipality TV).

List of interesting online televisions:

For further questions, please contact Greg Evseev.