An assistant i.e. virtual assistant was developed for each Slovenian municipality. It answers asked questions in natural language and carries out certain services. There are also assistants for individual landscapes and whole Slovenia. Assistants for pensioner’s society are being also developed. When a user receives a password, he/she can complete or edit the assistant. It also includes several additional services. To work with assistants and other services, one must acquire skills similar to basic website editing. After that one can carry out individual services with basic Word skills. Given the suitable interest, workshops will be carried out.
All municipal assistants are available on the website of meta assistant, in the title “Občine” (Municipalities) by clicking on the map or by selecting one on the list. The assistants for pensioner’s society will be soon available, but at the moment maps are available.

List of interesting websites:

Team: Matjaž Gams, Damjan Kužnar, Gregor Grasselli, Greg Evseev, Aleš Tavčar, Leon Jovan, Jakob Šalej.

For maintenance of your assistant, one needs an access to administrative websites. For access password, please contact Gregor Grasselli at Your letter should include municipality’s name, for which you need a password, an e-mail address to which one should send your password.