3D Assistant

To provide effortless navigation in public locations, such as museums, parks or even government facilities, our team prepared a virtual reality solution. There are ways to access the virtual helper via special applications but there is an option where a web browser is sufficient client. This product can be used for help with the navigation of facilities.For instance in hospitals, the product can help to navigate patients in a maze of departments and rooms, in museums, it can help visitors to get to the desired masterpiece or historical item and in government facilities where it can guide visitors to the desired office. Also it can open possibilities to have a virtual tour (with a chosen virtual guide) for people who cannot access the museum in person. It is also possible to Everyone can create their own virtual space with the help of 3D assistant. 3D assistants connect several systems developed at the Department of Intelligent Systems at the Institute Jožef Stefan (IJS) and make first-class virtual experience possible.
It can be used via online portal and an independent application for smartphones (Android or iPhone) or computers (Windows or Mac) can be easily downloaded.
The 3D assistant can be used in municipal facilities, museums and other sightseeing places, as it replaces tour guides or information. It guides you through virtual museum where it offers you information about exhibition and helps you find a certain person or room. You can also ask the 3D assistant a question and it will try to answer it.
It can also be connected with IJS TV or our Text-to-Speech solution “Govorec”. Accurate information about this connection can be found on the page with user’s manual.
Before use go to your municipal assistant, click to the upper left section “Aplikacije” (Applications) and then the “3D Asistent” (3D assistant).

The list of interesting 3D assistants:

For further questions, please contact Jani Bizjak.