There are about 200 municipalities in Slovenia and every single one of them already has its own "Asistent", which helps the public to interact with their local government and guides tourists to the desired destinations. The system has prepared answers for a variety of questions from simple ones like renting a bicycle to complex ones like getting a list of documents, which are needed for a land use certificate. The "Asistent" is made up of combining systems like:

  1. Cloud-based service that o ers API calls and has it's own web interface. It is built on MAS (multi-agent system) with several agents communicating in various environments, depending on the intent of the user.
  2. Administrative tools for maintaining databases and smaller services, it has its own separate web interface.
  3. A modern client-side application with a rich graphical interface that allows the end-user to have a meaningful conversation with multiple services and APIs in a comfortable and convenient way.
  4. Mobile applications that are easy to download via appropriate mobile application store. Currently, among supported mobile OSes, there are iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.